Why are Window Well Covers a Necessity?

Why are Window Well Covers a Necessity?

Are you someone who is concerned about debris or pests in your window well? Do you have children or family members that could be at risk for falling into your window well? A window well cover could be the perfect solution! Often times a home inspector may even suggest you install a window well cover. A window well cover will also give you peace of mind, knowing that less maintenance will be required on your well and cover. Covers for your basement window wells and egress window wells install easily, protect your home, protect your pets and small children, and last for years. 

Where can I find covers that fit my basement window wells/egress window wells? 

Our retail stores offer all kinds of covers for your basement window wells and egress window wells including plastic and polycarbonate bubbles and flat covers, plastic covers and grates, or steel grates. However, your store of choice may not have your specific size that your window well requires. This is where our custom product capabilities at Shape Products can be applied. Simply send in the measurements of your basement window wells or egress window wells, and you’ll receive all the necessary pieces, hardware and instructions for window well installation. For more information regarding our custom products, please visit our website: https://shapeproducts.com/other-products/custom-window-well-covers/#N/A 

I can’t stand the view outside my basement window—a corrugated metal window well. Anything I can do? 

There are many options out there for one to take, that can help brighten your basement window well up. Many have used that space for different plants and herb gardens. You can also try putting a mirror or reflective panel at an angle inside your basement window well to reflect the sky. Another option would be creating the illusion of a wonderful view with a liner that is specially designed to fit into your basement window well/egress window wells. They can be trimmed to fit any size window well very easily, and attach with a hook and loop fasteners. This will completely replace your corrugated steel view with any scenic view you may want.  

What can Shape Products do to help you? 

Here at Shape Products, we strive to have an array of options for our consumers and retailers when it comes to window well covers, these covers also come protected with a strong warranty to give our consumers peace of mind. Whether you are looking for an egress or normal cover, round or elongated, custom size or standard size, flat or bubble, and plastic or polycarbonate. We, here at Shape Products, have your window wells covered.