Difficulties To Watch Out for Regarding Window Wells

Difficulties To Watch Out for Regarding Window Wells 

Window wells are very beneficial for keeping your basement well-lit and providing an emergency escape. However, steps should be taken to ensure they are kept in great shape and maintaining peak performance. Every season comes with its own challenges, so as you are performing yearly maintenance, consider these common problems to watch out for. 

Damage From the Elements 

Since each year comes with different challenges from the weather, it is important to examine your well and cover for any possible damage, most important being water.  

Window wells and covers are necessities when it comes to letting sunlight in while keeping water out. First, it is important that on the floor of the well, under the gravel, a drain is installed to drain any water out, that may have managed to get into the well.   

The window itself checked and maintained, this would include ensuring a perfect seal along the edges to prevent both rain and snow from sneaking in as well. Identify any cracks in the caulking, or other failing seals, and replace them immediately. In addition, ensure the drain is not obstructed; clean out any trash, weeds, leaves, or other debris that found its way in there. Be sure any nearby drainpipes are directing water away from the wells, too. 

Keep Out the Pests 

To avoid a furry, feathered, or scaled difficulty with your window well. With an exposed window well, you run the risk of a multitude of animals finding their way into your well — or even falling in. This could result in your window well becoming a nest for an animal, or an injured animal in your well. It is important to keep your window well secure and sealed, utilizing custom covers can be a good way to do this. Covers can be latched, locked and can provide the strength needed to support a range of animals, as well as children. Covering your window well correctly is the best way to prevent plants, animals and children from becoming invasive to your well. For more information regarding custom window wells check out our website: https://shapeproducts.com/other-products/custom-window-well-covers/#N/A 

Clean and Clear the View 

It can be easy to overlook annual maintenance of window wells because they tend to be a long-lasting product that does not require much regular maintenance when installed correctly from the beginning. However, it is recommended that homeowners check your well a couple times throughout the year, to clear debris, trash, weeds and leaves. But it is also important so that any problems regarding leaks or broken seals can be identified and addressed quickly, to avoid more serious problems. When checking the well, do not forget to give the window itself a once over as well.