How to Care for Your Window Well Cover in the Winter

Throughout the spring and summer months homeowners are spending a lot of time around the yard. Cleaning up debris, sprucing up landscaping, and caring for the lawn are just a few of the things that usually get crossed of the list each year. When winter rolls around, we do not often think about upkeep around the house. However, homeowners should be thinking about their window wells all year long, to keep them clean and functional.

The main purpose of an egress window well is to provide an escape route in case of emergency. A few heavy snowfalls will make it difficult to utilize your wells in the event they are needed. Sure, you could shovel out your well after each snowfall, but who wants to do that? One of the easiest ways to protect your well from the snow, would be to purchase a window well cover. Window well covers will keep your well free of snow and debris all year long and shoveling off the top of your window well after each snowfall will take little time and effort.

Letting your window well fill with snow all winter long does not only pose a safety risk, but also could cause damage to your home. Throughout the winter, the snow that builds up in your window well can freeze and turn to ice. When spring rolls around and things are beginning to melt, the excess water in your well may run into your basement or cause damage to your foundation or windows from excess weight.

By keeping your window well clear of snow, you will also allow light to flood into the basement on all those gloomy winter days. If the window well is blocked by snow, ice, and debris, it won’t allow the much-needed Vitamin D into the basement. By keeping the window well clear, you will be able to enjoy a little bit of sunlight throughout the winter, while staying cozy in your basement.

If you don’t currently own a window well cover, check out the variety of covers offered by Shape Products and get your window well ready for the winter.