General Questions

What are your product warranties?

Shape Products takes pride in the quality and workmanship of our products. You will find the warranty of your specific product on the label, or by searching our product page.

If you would like to see more information about our warranties, click here.

What is your return policy?

Shape Products does not control retail return policies to our authorized dealers. In many cases, returns may be accepted, but a restocking fee may apply. Please check with your local retailer for details on their specific return policy.

Product Questions

How do I determine the correct size cover for my well?

In order to determine the correct size cover needed, two measurements are necessary, width & depth. First, measure the width between the outside edges of the window well at the point nearest the house foundation. Then, measure the depth from the foundation to the outer front edge of the window well.

How do I determine the correct shape?

There are a variety of different shapes available. The most common are U-Shaped and Rectangular. To help determine the correct shape of your well, see the guide below.


I can’t find a cover to fit my well, do you have custom sizes available?

Yes, Shape Products offers a custom window well cover program. All the custom covers are made of our strongest polycarbonate plastic with heavy-duty aluminum bracing.

We can make one-piece covers up to 156″ wide by 51″ in projection. If you have a larger well, we can accommodate with a multi-piece cover.

Contact us for more information on custom covers.

Can the covers be trimmed to fit my well?

Modifying the cover in any way will void the product warranty. Additionally, it may also affect the strength of the cover.