5 Ways to Include Your Window Well in Your Gardening and Landscaping 

5 Ways to Include Your Window Well in Your Gardening and Landscaping 

What some consider an eyesore, others see an opportunity.  

1) Garden around your window well. 

Adding a nice garden around the window well can divert the eyes away from the well and makes the focus of the space, the garden. An example of this would be adding short decorative gardening fencing around the outside of the window well to draw eyes toward the garden and plants surrounding rather than your window well.. If your well is in a shaded area of your home, you could try some shade-loving plants like hostas, bleeding hearts, Jerusalem sage, or lily of the valley.  

2) Utilize your well space for a terrarium or greenhouse. 

Most commonly, people utilize this space for an herb garden. Although, to utilize this space it is best to make sure that your window well has an easy access window for clipping herbs and maintaining your plants. If you do not have a green thumb, that is okay. Consider using some artificial plants to draw eyesight away from the window well and give more focus to the plants.  

3) Utilize small stones and river rock. 

If you want maintenance-free landscaping around your window well, add stones around the window well. This will also keep little critters away since mice won’t walk on uneven surfaces. This is also a very easy way to hide any visible parts of the window well. When properly executed, there is not a more cost-effective solution for sprucing up the space around your window well. 

4) Utilize raised garden beds.  

The utilization of raised garden beds is a very good way to divert all eyes away from your window well, or a way to even incorporate your well’s space in the garden. Since the window well already creates a multi-tiered look, continuing the theme by adding garden beds of varying heights is a way to beautify the space inside and around the outside of the window well. 

5) Consider building a terrace 

If your window well is on the larger side and you’re particularly handy, consider building a terraced garden. Plenty of plans are available online that require only a few treated wood timbers, some hardware, and a little bit of hard work. You can create a lovely series of stacked platforms where you can rest potted plants or outdoor decorations to view from inside and out. All this considered, be sure to waterproof your window well properly during construction, because giving your well space natural beauty does not supersede the need for a functional window well.  


 Have you done something creative with your window well space? 

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