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Basement Window Well Egress Cover
Basement Egress Covers
Basement Window Well cover
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Basement Window Well
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Custom Window Well Cover
Custom Flat Window Well Covers
  • Clear plastic allows as much light through as a normal window
  • Our covers are molded with raised ribs for extra strength
  • We include a steel back-bar for increased stability
  • Easy to install, under 10 minutes!
  • Our line of flat egress covers meet all egress standards
  • Our thick polycarbonate plastic means our covers are unbreakable and weight supporting
  • We provide a UV formulated plastic to protect against sun and weather damage
  • Our attachment hardware meets government standards for long-term rust resistance
  • Shape offers the largest variety of egress covers on the market. If we don’t carry your size we can make it!*

*Due to the complexity of domed molds we can only offer custom flat covers

Can’t figure out which shape egress cover you need?

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