3-Year Warranty against Manufacturer Defects on Silvered Glass Mirror

Shape Products, LLC’s mirror warranty applies to the immediate customer only. Inherent in the float glass process are some small gaseous inclusions and minor abrasions. Occasional small bubbles and hairlines are, therefore, perfectly normal and acceptable under these standards and should be virtually unnoticeable from a normal viewing distance. The following are warranty conditions that would result in possible replacement or repair of the mirror.


1. Silvering defects resulting in discoloration, black spots, or clouding of the mirror, that obstructs the vision area of the mirror for a period of up to 3 years from date of purchase.


  1. If the coating/paint backing surface is fractured or broken.
  2. The mirror is subjected to standing water or other liquids.
  3. Improper handling, installation, storage, or fabrication of the mirror.
  4. If the defect is caused by using materials not intended for glazing or cleaning mirror, or direct contact with solvents, paints, or other liquids not intended to be exposed to silvered glass mirror.
  5. Accidental destruction of the mirror.
  6. Any mirror installed in an outdoor environment, enclosed pool area, outdoor patio or bath enclosures.
  7. Any mirror damaged by being exposed to extreme temperatures and high humidity

Shape Products LLC reserves the right to inspect any questionable mirror for a final determination on product replacement or repair. In addition, Shape Products LLC is not responsible for labor or freight costs associated with the replacement of the mirror.