Bio-orb composter

Bio Orb Composter

The Bio-Orb is specially design to make composting fast, easy and contained. The round shape maximizes heat retention for faster composting and allows for easy mixing and mobility. The Bio-Orb eliminates unsightly refuse piles and can be rolled out of sight when not in use.

Composting is an environmentally friendly way to turn yard clippings and organic scrap into usable fertilizer to help enrich the soil in your garden or yard. Composting can save you money by reducing or eliminating the need for commercial fertilizer, disposal bags, and expensive curbside pick-up charges.

1.Fill It … Place your grass clipping, shredded leaves and other organic material into the Bio-Orbs and moisten the content with a garden hose. Take care not to saturate the contents. Close the lid and roll the Bio-Orb to mix the contents. (A list of composting materials can be found below.

2. Roll it… Roll the Bio-Orb every 2 to 10 days. Rolling more often than every two days will not allow proper heat build-up while rolling less often than every 10 days will not provide enough oxygen to the contents to ensure the fast Bio-Orb composting times.

3. Compost it… Roll the Bio-Orb to where the compost is needed. Pop open the lid and empty the compost through the large opening.